The Inverted Bob Haircut

So you have a wedding or other special occasion coming up, or just want a fresh look for your Inverted Bob Haircut? Look no further, we have some great ideas for you right here-along with some tips on how to get these looks at home!

Always begin with freshly washed hair which has been towel dried. Place part in hair where desired and add a holding product such as gel or mousse. Make sure to distribute product evenly, all the way to the hair ends. Comb hair into desired style and allow hair to finish drying naturally or under a hood dryer. Blow dryers may be used, but too much heat can damage your hair.

Cute Inverted Bob Haircuts

If you like, the slightly messy look of the Textured Inverted Bob above, you might want to give this one a try. When your hair has dried completely, comb through it and apply texturizing putty or a mud type product in order to define strands as in the photo above. If you want the volume in the crown such as shown above-you will want to “bump it up” with a large barrel curling iron or one or two large hot rollers placed in the area you would like to be fuller. You can even hold that area up once curl is in place and spray root area with a holding spray, and after allowing area to dry-continue styling.

Cute Inverted Bob Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

For a style that hints at a Retro 60s look, you might like the style above. The easiest way to achieve this look is to set your hair on medium to large hot rollers, depending on the amount of volume and lift you want-or use a large barrel curling iron. Roll crown backward, the sides in a downward direction as well as the back of the hair. In the photo above, bang is straight and tucked and/or pinned under the rest of style. After you have put all of the curl in, comb out carefully applying backcombing (teasing) to crown and slightly forward of crown. Smooth with a pick and spray all with a medium to extra hold hairspray. This is a good casual or professional look.

Trendy Inverted Bob Hairstyle with Purple Highlights

To get the asymmetrical style such as the one in the photo above, use a medium barrel curling iron. Direct the hair sections on the long side down and forward, toward face-the short side is directed down for the most part, with just the sections immediately framing the face rolled in toward face. The back of hair is rolled down as well. Bangs are directed toward long side of hair and down.
Once curl is all in, comb out carefully-use texturizing putty for definition and backcomb as needed for volume and lift.

Victoria Beckham Inverted Bob Hairstyle

For the romantic look, that is in the photo fourth from left above-use a medium barrel curling iron. Take one or two-inch square sections and spiral curl from approximately halfway down hair strand, to end of strand. When curl is completely in, comb out carefully, retaining shape of curl and spray with a medium to extra hold hairspray. This is a nice look for a party or a wedding.

To get the look in the photo above-use a bit more gel and comb hair back close to scalp, leaving bang loose. Style bang straight and very defined, curled or waved. This look can be worn dry or in a “wet look” and when paired with the right make-up and clothes choices, would be a good style for a formal occasion.

Popular Inverted Bob Hairstyles
Back View of Inverted Bob Hairstyles

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